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Google HOA…Bloopers…

Had a group coaching session last night with some amazing female #entrepreneurs.

There was a lot of masterminding, brainstorming, and solidifying business concepts that are going to take some of these ladies to the next level. But like anything nothing’s perfect

During our Q&A session someone asked is the business opportunity that I’ve chosen to partner with a “pyramid scheme”.

This was the face I made. (caught by my assistant.)

It explains it all……

Create the Right #ENVIRONMENT to put you in PEAK #PERFORMANCE.

The magnanimous Anthony Robbins says “Change your STATE”. Yes your surroundings and posture have a PROFOUND influence and impact on how well you perform


*ps… but it doesn’t ultimately determine if you PERFORM well. #hinthint

CELEBRATION of FREEDOM comes after there has been a GREAT FIGHT.

Happy Freedom Friday. Fight for what’s YOURS…

#FourthofJuly #HappyFourth

Two are Better than One. ECC 4:9-12

When FIGHTING for #FREEDOM your enemy will attempt to strategically take you out. He’s not out to stop you, he is focused on your total annihilation

It takes #courage to step out and FIGHT for what you believe in. Thefore BE #BRAVE

It is in the face of adversity, your highest SELF appears.

It is with a TRUE PARTNER, Ride or DIE, Foxhole buddy… that you can face any mission.

It is with another, you can conquer any enemy.

This partner may come from another race, creed, religious, or sexual orientation. It matters not.

When you both have a BURNING DESIRE to #WIN..you’re willing to DIE trying.

Make this INDEPENDENCE DAY the DAY…YOU DECIDE you will not GO quietly into the night…. It’s your Turn….it’s my Turn.

WE that PEOPLE!!!!!!! Photo via Independence Day (1996)

We make…”Making Money” look real good….

Las mujeres de Empower Network.

Mi Amiga Elena Fraga es #1 en la compania nuestra esta semana.

Nosotros ganar en el mercado de social media. Buscando para gente son bilingue. Segueme un mesage directo.


#espanol #equipo #mujeres #dinero #laRed

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